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The Wild Within: Whisper

2023, Edition 1 of 1

Whisper is inspired by a captivating ancient structure that we photographed in the mountains of Armenia.


Constructed from volcanic rock in the 10th century, this former monastery stands as one of Armenia's oldest, with a construction period spanning over 300 years.


Our conscious integration of plant overgrowth, light, and mist into the structure serves to accentuate nuanced tones, fostering a serene and meditative ambiance that harmonizes with the enduring solidity of these ancient walls.


Whisper, 2023

Play the artwork with the custom musical score.


The Wild Within: Heights

2023, Edition 1 of 1

Heights  from The Wild Within brings new life into an abandoned and historic building by combining photography with animation to create surreal, meditative, moving architectural spaces.

The structure pictured, built between 1890-1920, is the interior of an old decaying villa in the Dannawi neighbourhood of Beirut, Lebanon.

Once the architecture has been photographed, the images are then modelled into virtual environments and overgrown plant-life is introduced digitally. The lighting and structure is modified, a custom musical composition is added, and the photograph is transformed into a moving image that loops seamlessly. Furthermore, the piece features an original score by composer Karl-David Larson.


Heights, 2023

Play the artwork with the custom musical score.


The Wild Within: Aurora

2023, Edition 1 of 1

Aurora is a digital artwork from The Wild Within, a body of work that conveys a compelling narrative about the cycle of time, the resurgence of nature, and the socio-historical nuances of architectural landscapes.

This piece is a collision of the past and future, as well as the physical and digital worlds.

Aurora brings an abandoned historic building back to life by combining photography and animation to create a surreal, meditative, moving architectural space.


It finds its artistic expression against the stunning backdrop of a 17th century villa interior located near Torino, Italy. The architecture serves as a canvas to create a meditative artwork that brings new life to this timeless setting.

In real life the building continues to deteriorate and is being slowly disassembled, further emphasizing the primary theme of the work, the passing of time in a cycle of growth and decay.


Aurora, 2023

The piece was previewed at Architectural Digest's Design Show in Mumbai, India, September 2023.

Play the artwork with the custom musical score.


The Wild Within: Desire

2022, Edition 1 of 1

(Minted and transferred to personal vault)

Desire, minted in 2022 and vaulted, draws inspiration from abandoned structures discovered in Beirut, Lebanon. This piece seamlessly blends elements from two distinct buildings in Achrafieh and the Ras Beirut neighbourhood, highlighting the convergence of Eastern and Western architectural design.


Our intention was to evoke an uplifting and ethereal atmosphere through a vertical orientation, accentuating the distinctive colour palette, the lofty heights of the ceilings, and the former grandeur of the space.

Desire-Mockup copy-2.jpg

Desire has been exhibited widely, most recently as part of the Reaching for the Future exhibition May 2023, at Wen Tokyo Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

Play the artwork with the custom musical score.

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