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The Enchanted Hour

Dynamic Time-Based Artwork

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The Enchanted Hour

Chapter 3: Symphony, 2023

'The Enchanted Hour' is a dynamic artwork that merges reality and imagination, centered around the concept of time - a modern twist on the traditional cuckoo clock.

Every hour, an owl emerges from the painting, soaring through the room and hooting to mark the time.

This 'living artwork' originated from images captured during Koopmans & Wexell's exploration of a 400-year-old abandoned villa in Northern Italy.

Inspired by its overgrown beauty, timeless structure, and interplay of light, they blended reality and imagination, fusing nature and architecture through photography and animation.

Employing cutting-edge technology from Transient Labs, the artwork pays homage to classical subject matter while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

The ongoing decay of the physical building adds further relevance to the theme of time's passage and the cycle of growth and decay.

Through re-contextualization in the digital realm, the artists breathe new life into this architectural marvel, preserving it on the blockchain for eternity.


Archival images from the early 1900s.

From Day to Night

Every day, at both 7am and 7pm, the artwork transitions between day and night, synchronizing with the viewer's location.

Example of the transition at 7pm.

While inherently digital, we value showcasing the artwork as archival prints, on quality displays, and other unique forms of presentation.


Presenting physical manifestations of digital tokens is both inspiring and creatively fulfilling.

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