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The Wild Within

Introduction to The Wild Within

The Wild Within is a series of digital artworks that bring new life into abandoned buildings from a bygone era.

Based on real-world physical spaces, an animated rebirth into a digital realm has been created.

Ryan Koopmans & his partner Alice Wexell visited different locations around the world over several years, exploring ruins and photographing structures that have undergone dramatic transition.

Upon returning, they digitally introduced vegetation, modified the structure and lighting, and animated the scenes with the intention of reviving the empty spaces, essentially bringing life back into the rooms.


The results are a surreal collision between the past and future, natural and manmade, physical and digital, and the real and imaginary.​ 


The aim of the artwork is to create a sense of surreal tranquility whilst referencing the themes of architectural history, urban exploration, and the resurgence of nature.

Many of the buildings depicted in The Wild Within have been demolished in recent years, further emphasizing the theme of time passing in the cycle of growth and decay.

The first artwork of The Wild Within was released on March 24, 2021. Since then the work has been displayed in 9 different countries, exhibited and auctioned at Sotheby's in Paris, France, and acquired by some of the World's premier collectors of digital art.

The Wild Within

Historical Overview

During the Soviet Union, the Georgian town of Tskaltubo was a popular health destination famed for its therapeutic water and luxurious sanatoriums.

Between the 1940’s to 1980’s thousands of people visited each year, including Stalin and his high-ranking officials from Moscow.

The town was renowned for its therapeutic radon-carbonate mineral spring water believed to treat an array of ailments.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the buildings were deserted and fell into disrepair. Floors were ripped up for firewood, and the metal salvaged as scrap.

Since the early 90's, the buildings have been slowly dismantled and stripped of their valuable materials, leaving empty shells of what were once grandiose classical structures.

The Wild Within

Regional Conflict

In 1992 a war in nearby Abkhazia broke out.

Displaced Georgians fled from the conflict and were given temporary shelter in Tskaltubo's unoccupied buildings.

Thirty years later, some families remain living in these architectural remains of a Soviet past.


The Wild Within: Hollow

Collected by GBLSTS for 6 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Promises

Collected by Cuerno Group for 10 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Ambition

Collected by Cryptonio123 for 14 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Gathering

Collected by AOI for 16 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Departure

Collected by AOI for 16 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Harmony

Collected by AOI for 16 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Eternity

Collected by 888

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Balance

Collected by Aure Gimon for 14 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Harvest

Collected by Bharat Krymo for 14 ETH

View minted artwork

The Wild Within: Visions

Collected by Noun 53 for 14 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Elevate

Collected by Forever Lands for 14 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Secrets

Collected by BrianNYC for 13 ETH

View minted artwork


The Wild Within: Devotion

Collected by Jim Carrey for 20 ETH

View minted artwork

Chapter 2. Everlasting 2022


Everlasting: Insight

Collected by landbaron555 for 18 ETH

View minted artwork


Everlasting: Remedy

Collected by Turing Fund for 25 ETH

View minted artwork


Everlasting: Levitate

Collected by jayc99 for 26 ETH

View minted artwork


Everlasting: Desire

Collected by The Vault

View minted artwork

Chapter 3. Symphony 2023

Once Upon A Time

Symphony: Once Upon a Time

Collected by Flying Beagle for 25 ETH

View minted artwork

Symphony: Euphoria

Collected on Sotheby's by Spartan Black

View minted artwork

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