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Liminal State

Collaboration with Cath Simard

Liminal State


‘Liminal State’ is a collaborative artwork with Cath Simard that explores the transitional phase of wakefulness to sleep.


This in-between moment of consciousness occurs during the onset of sleep, often blurring imagination with reality and creating a hallucinatory phenomenon for the senses.


The artists combine their visual techniques by fusing photography and 3D animation, merging the notions of fact and fiction throughout the layers of the artwork.


A dreamlike metamorphosis between what is real and what is an illusion is amplified by the darkness of night and the blending of light from both inside and outside.


The concepts of place and time are suspended, as the foreground depicts an abandoned building in the country of Georgia photographed by Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell, and the background depicts a mountain range photographed on the other side of the world in Patagonia by Cath Simard.


The images are tied together through the implementation of animated plants and atmospheric effects. The piece features a musical score created by Swedish musician Karl David Larson.

Collected by Norcal_guy for 22.690 ETH


Liminal State was exhibited throughout Manhattan, NYC,  by Unfold Gallery in 2022.

Liminal State on a monolith display inside of SCOPE Miami during Miami Art Basel, December 2022.


Play the artwork with the custom musical score by Swedish composer Karl-David Larson.

Why we choose to collaborate with Cath

Cath, an artist who exemplifies complete dedication to her craft, resonates with our ethos. Our shared values encompass a profound sense of adventure and appreciation of the natural world. The manner in which Cath perceives the landscape as a palette from which she selects elements to shape her canvas mirrors our approach to melding the natural with the manmade.


This collaborative artwork marked our first venture into a 'night time' setting, and Cath's renowned blue hour aesthetic made her the ideal partner for this poignant creation.

Cath Simard

Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and a central figure in the NFT community. One of the most prominent artists in NFT photography, she’s now almost entirely focused on NFTs.

Simard blends reality and imagination in her landscape composites. Collectors instantly recognize her aesthetic – surreal, cold, blue, mountain nights.

Her innovative style and willingness to take bold risks are a result of her desire to be unique and the freedom she enjoys in the backcountry.

A self-professed introvert, Cath feels she produces her best work when she’s alone in the mountains.

To create a single image, she’s walked as much as 250 kilometers, trekked 18 days in the mountains and shot at an elevation as high as 5,900 meters. (About 186 miles and 19,356 feet.). Due to her lengthy creative process, Cath only creates and releases 5-7 images a year.

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