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Collaboration with Annibale Siconolfi



‘Headquarters’ is a collaborative artwork created with Annibale Siconolfi.

Siconolfi's piece depicts an imaginative, futuristic city with both utopian and dystopian elements.

Koopmans' and Wexell's contribution is an architectural interior photograph that they took in the country of Georgia, then implemented animated plants and light to create a surreal, overgrown space that overlooks Siconolfi’s city.

The exterior view from the room is Siconolfi's cityscape, designed in an architectural style that reflects the structural curvature and materials of the interior.

The artists' pieces were designed to complement and enhance each other aesthetically, as the themes found in their work align conceptually in a compelling way.

Collected by Ely Trader

Headquarters displayed on stage during DJ Steve Aoki's performance in Boston, USA.


Play the artwork with the custom musical score by Swedish composer Karl-David Larson.

Why we choose to collaborate with Annibale

Annibale Siconolfi's imaginative artworks harmonize intricately with our architectural and nature-infused interests. Leveraging his architectural background, the collaborative process involved him handpicking an interior from our trove of past-explored structures.


Together, we fashioned a visual language that exalted the circular motifs present in both our creations. Siconolfi's futurist utopian perspective positions technology as an empowering tool for enhancing surroundings, not suppressing them.


Our shared themes converged seamlessly, making the collaboration with Annibale to shape this artwork an absolute honour.

Annibale Siconolfi

Annibale Siconolfi, aka Inward, is a young artist and architect from Italy.

His art is characterized mainly by a complex 3D modeling of dystopian cities and futuristic landscapes.


This vision is influenced by several elements: from Science Fiction movies to the Contemporary Architecture but also from sensitive issues like global warming, human overpopulation, pollution.

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Annibale Siconolfi's other artwork

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